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Life is a transitory event. But every moment of a living being’s existence is the expression of an intense aspiration fo...

Ayurveda: a distinctive approach to health and disease

The conventional western medicine views the body from a structural perspective, whereas ayurveda, the ancient medical sy...


Know your food-aloe vera

Registered Ayurvedic medical practitioner since 2012 in different Ayurvedic Hospitals in Northern part of Kerala, hail f...

Baby food in Ayurveda

Ayurveda gives lot of importance on good nutrition at every stage of child life, in order to preserve their health.



The Science of Rasayana

Rasayana therapy (rejuvenation) is one of the eight branches of Ayurvedic science and deals with various aspects of prev...

Pranayama and its health benefits

Pranayama, which in the present world practically translates to control of breathing, is now popular as an easy method t...