Improper Use Of Sense Organs: A Neglected Cause For Diseases

One of the big reasons for Tridosha Imbalance, leading to disease is improper use of sense organs. In other words, lack ...

Vata Increase Caused Due to Tissue Depletion: Dhatu kshaya

Dhatu Kshaya means depletion of body tissues. Whenever a tissue is depleted, soon there is increase of Vata Dosha in the...


25 ways for Internal uses Aloe vera

Aloe Vera juice, made from the filet inside the leaves, is widely used for all kinds of internal diseases and ailments.

Healthy Food To Add To Your Diet

To help you to kickstart the new year in a healthy way I m here with the list of 7 super foods which are proven by exper...



Predictions for Zodiac Signs from April 1-30, 2017

Acharya Shajeev is an astrologer who is well-known in the Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The Science of Rasayana

Rasayana therapy (rejuvenation) is one of the eight branches of Ayurvedic science and deals with various aspects of prev...


3rd Edition GES 2017. 17-20 April 2017 India Expo Centre & Mart Greater Noida

The landscape of the services sector contribution to economy is going through significant transformation across the globe heralding a new paradigm of growth and development.

On 7-10 December CEC “Expocentre” hosted the 22nd International Specialized Exhibition “APTEKA-2015”

Traditionally, the exhibition took place within the Russian Healthcare Week