The «Ayurveda & Yoga» magazine is distinguished by its educational – it’s no exaggeration to say – mission. We are the first unique magazine popularizing Indian Ayurveda and Yoga in Russia and CIS countries. Our readers actively use Ayurvedic products and services.

We occupy a unique niche among commercial, entertaining and scientific publications. Many of our authors are licensed doctors with extensive medical practice who have obtained their medical degrees in Indian Ayurvedic medical universities.

We admire wisdom of centuries embodied in Ayurvedic principles and promote a positive attitude towards Ayurveda as a serious science, which is new for Russia. We have an opportunity to pass on invaluable knowledge by word of mouth: from doctors whose knowledge and skills are certified by the Indian government – to our readers: inquisitive, curious and engaged. Each issue will provide our readers with information on medicine and cosmetology, healthy nutrition and treatment, Ayurvedic resorts and clinics.

«Ayurveda & Yoga» is a well-developed multiplatform brand. We use the website, our pages in social networks for daily communication with our clients and regularly organize special events. This allows us to interact with our readers in a variety of ways to keep them engaged and to offer attractive brand promotion forms to our advertisers.

I invite you to join our team in bringing knowledge about Ayurveda and Yoga to Russian readers. I am sure together we will find the best suitable option for delivering your message to the audience, and make this magazine an exciting and beneficial tool both for you, our future partner, and our dedicated readers.


Ayurveda & Yoga is a high precision multi color magazine printed on glossy paper employing state of the art technology. The magazine is conceived solely for and is  dedicated totally towards the promotion of the Indian wellness sciences of Ayurveda & Yoga. Each issue of the magazine will focus on how Ayurveda & Yoga contribute to reach the stage of  a balanced and conscious living.

The conceptual and operational aim of the magazine is to provide the exclusive readers with a deeper understanding of Ayurveda and Yoga and the ways of adapting and applying them into the present lifestyle and thus improve the quality of professional, social, personal, mental, intellectual and spiritual lives.

Reader profile: The publication is an effective platform for reaching out to educated, wealthy and forward-thinking people passionate about Ayurveda and yoga, tourism, healthy and spiritual living, open to new ideas and trends.


  • Ayurveda and Oriental Medicine Clinics
  • Yoga Centers
  • Healthy Food Outlets
  • Spas
  • Cultural Centers
  • Internet Shops
  • Ayurveda Retreats
  • Healing Centers
  • Yoga and Ayurveda Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Educational institutions
  • Subscriptions

Magazine specifications

  • Publication: quarterly
  • Size: 205x265 mm
  • Multicolor
  • Paper: glossy
  • 80 pages (or more)
  • 25000 copies