Basics (9)

Ayurveda : Traditional Science of life

Since the time immemorial, Ayurveda has been recognized as the science of human life in nutshell. Because its approach towards healing for the health is truly holistic and pragmatic.

Ritucharya or seasonal regime in Ayurveda

The word Ritucharya derives from “Ritu” meaning “Seasons” and “Charya” meaning “follow routine”. According to Ayurveda, it is very important to follow seasonal regime to maintain a healthy and disease free life.

How to improve your concentration?

The ability to concentrate is very important as it directly influence work efficiency of the person.

Ayurveda and modern science collaboration: reconsidering the concept of Health

We are looking for a dialogue between the modern science and Ayurveda in such a way that we can find new paradigms.

Improper Use Of Sense Organs: A Neglected Cause For Diseases

One of the big reasons for Tridosha Imbalance, leading to disease is improper use of sense organs. In other words, lack of proper association of sense organs with their objects. This is explained as – Asatmya Indriya Artha Sannikarsha.

Vata Increase Caused Due to Tissue Depletion: Dhatu kshaya

Dhatu Kshaya means depletion of body tissues. Whenever a tissue is depleted, soon there is increase of Vata Dosha in the body.

Therapy is always individual

In Russian medicine, as well as in western one, we’ve headed toward standards. Ayurveda has essentially opposite approach.

Welcoming winter – Seasonal regimen

The seasons, like your prakruti, are characterized by cycles of vata, pitta, and kapha.