A few ayurvedic tips how to use the beneficial properties of aloe vera for beauty and health.

Take a leaf of aloe vera and remove the outer skin. Remove the pulp and wash well. Add sugar and cumin seeds to it. This is said to cure loose motions with blood.

The pulp of aloe vera with a small amount of turmeric powder is a good remedy for enlargement of spleen.

Take the pulp of Aloe vera and add alum, put them in a thin cloth and hang over a vessel. Collect the water that drips from the cloth. This water can be applied over the eyes. It cures redness, itching and improves eyesight.

Add the pulp of aloe vera to sesame seed oil and boil. Filter the oil and use for hair. This is said to be good for hair growth and for insomnia.

Clean the pulp of aloe, add palm jaggery and a pinch of asafoetida to it. Pound them together and store in an airtight container. About ½ gram of this preparation consumed twice daily with warm water helps to ease excess menstrual pain.

Two teaspoons of pulp fried in ½ teaspoon of ghee to which ½ teaspoon of sugar is added can be consumed to help cure a wet cough.

Porridge, using the pulp of aloe is prepared and consumed in the villages in India especially during the summer months to control excess body heat.

For wounds and cuts, apply the fresh juice of aloe leaf or the pulp and bandage it.

Aloe vera gel is also effective in preventing and removing corns as it contains salicylic acid. It is also anti bacterial in nature. Apply the gel twice a day to get rid of corns.

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