Is the most important thing you can do to sleep better. Get rid of the bedroom phone.

Is the most important thing you can do to sleep better. Get rid of the bedroom phone. Carried him out of the room where a half an hour before sleep, that's all. You will begin immediately to sleep - and feel - better, and no longer return to old habits. Do it right now.

I know what you bring excuses: "But it's my alarm clock" (buy a normal - they are inexpensive); "I need to be aware of any emails I received the night" (this is true because you need?); "This is awkward," (actually nothing inconvenient); "But I have there charging outlet" (so remove it and move to another location).

There is only one argument, which is taken: "I want to hear the phone if something goes something extra and call me." For such cases simply place the phone on a large volume, so that it could be heard from the other room.

Now that we have dealt with the excuses, let's look at why it is so important that the mobile was not in the bedroom. For this there are three main reasons:


  1. Light. Light regulates our sleep-wake cycle. The light from the mobile causes the brain to think that now the day, even if the court midnight. Our brain responds to it, releasing hormones that do not allow us to sleep. So look to the mobile phone at night - almost the same as drinking espresso.
  2. . The dependence of much of what we do on the phone - specifically arranged so viewing Instagrama to participate in games, to act on our brain like a drug - I want to go on and on. And then you woke up, and already one in the morning, you have a heavy head and close your eyes, you have spent time in vain and in front of you waiting for the night was not a restful sleep. Remove the phone from the bedroom, and it will become harder to get caught in this trap.
  3. Stress. No matter how exciting to "sit" on the phone, this activity is also a source of stress. All of these sounds, notifying of new messages, comments and messages (albeit a very positive content) creates constant tension and hinder relax. Our brain perceives it as a source of stress. During the day they, too, of course, harmful (recommend disabling notifications). But at night it's even worse.These signals are preventing you from sleeping - your sleep will not be able to become a deep and regenerating them.

In other words, reading articles on your phone like this, at night in the bedroom, a devastating effect on your sleep. If you are at home, put the device on which you are reading this, and shall carry it - and the charger - in another room. Tomorrow morning to see the effect.

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