Acharya Shajeev is an astrologer who is well-known in the Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

ARIES: Meda Raashi

(Aswini, Bharani, Krittika ¼)

 A position of power which you aspire is soon to be yours. Will face obstacles in the venture you are currently in. You will be susceptible to heat-related health issues. There are chances of facing difficulties connected to travelling and may have to incur money for international travel. It is possible to get assistance from siblings; but your offspring or those in that position can tarnish your name. Foes can turn friends.

 TAURUS: Idava Raashi

(Krittika ¾ , Rohini, Mrigaseera ½ )

 You will experience mental as well as physical freshness and exuberance. There are good chances of restoring your old homestead. The time is especially undesirable for offspring. Will spend money for the sake of enemies. Can get estranged from partner; prone to stomach ailments. There will be temptations which might not materialize finally. Can face obstacles in work.

 GEMINI: Midhuna Raashi

(Mrigaseera ½ , Arudhra, Punarvasu ¾ )

Can face difficulties from siblings or people in that position. Possible to get better income this month. Will decide to construct or buy new house. Will profit from vehicles. Problems with partner; will seek new vocation; will spend unnecessarily for partner. Employment opportunities for offspring; health will suffer badly.

CANCER: Karkkidaka Raashi

(Punarvasu ¼, Pushyami, Aslesha)

Family relations will get affected; will borrow money unnecessarily. Siblings will contribute to well being. Contributions from father will increase. Employment opportunities and increase in reputation for offspring. Enemies will perish. There will be conflicts with partner. Will experience increased good fortune. Will engage in new job ventures. Friends can affect financial gain in business.

  LEO: Chinga Raashi

(Makha, Purva Phalguni, Uthra ¼ )

Will experience bodily discomforts. Money transactions likely. Can expect help from siblings. Possibility of buying new vehicle. Mental agony possible because of children. Marital problems can be expected. Those in Government service might face disciplinary measures. Will be afraid of enemies.

 VIRGO: Kanni Raashi

(Uthra ¾ , Hastha, Chithra ½ )

Impediments to marriage will get cleared, leading to marriage. Can expect financial gains from partner. Ancestral property and home can get destroyed. Will win over enemies. Will enter into new romantic relationship. Can experience problems due to bodily difficulties. Expected gains will not be materialized from employment arena. Can face obstacles in work. Will incur unnecessary expenses for the sake of others.

 LIBRA: Thula Raashi

(Chithra ½ , Swathi, Vishakha ¾ )

Beneficial effects from siblings likely to increase. Will involve in land transactions (buying or selling). Agricultural income will be on the rise. Will have wherewithal to sustain high level societal life. Spiritual awakening is expected to happen. Enemies will get annihilated. Will have chances to pursue higher education. Likely to meet old friends. Hurdles will be removed and disrupted activities would be revived.

SCORPION: Vrishchika Raashi

(Vishakha ¼ , Anuradha, Jyeshta)

Peaceful atmosphere in the family will be disrupted and enmity will result due to callous usage of words. New decisions will be taken. Will spend money for mother’s sake. Will undertake long journey for the sake of offspring. Will suffer the pain of separation. Possibility to encounter new diseases. Beneficial effects due from father. Change in employment inevitable.

SAGITTARIUS: Dhanur Raashi

(Moola, Purva Ashada, Uthara Ashada ¼ )

Will incur money to buy new house and vehicle. Improvements likely in the education front. Might have to stay away from home. Enemies will cause problems. May undertake international travels. Health problems likely for father. Chance to enter new career.

 CAPRICON: Makara Raashi

(Uthara Ashada ¾ , Sharvana, Dhanishta ½ )

Increased good fortune. Will benefit from loans or other credit facilities. Change likely in the employment front. Prone to cardiac ailments. Will spend money for international travels. Difference of opinion probable with friends. Can expect gains from siblings. Will have possibilities to engage in speculative ventures.

AQUARIUS: Kumbha Raashi

(Dhanishta ½, Sathabish, Purva Bhadrapada ¾ )

Likely to suffer from diseases of the head. Will spend money to buy new vehicles. Increase in self confidence very much probable. Will enter into new contacts. Gains likely from agricultural sector. Might have to postpone pilgrimages. Employment and recognition for siblings. The ancestral home will be restored. Destined to find new occupation.

PISCES: Meena Raashi

(Purva Bhadrapada ¼, Uthara Bhadrapada, Revathi)

Auspicious events likely at home. Will experience increase in God’s grace and blessings. Will win over enemies. Improvement in marital relationship. Financial gain unlikely from ancestral property. Will approach judiciary with legal suits. Reputation will get tarnished at work-place. Losses likely from employment arena. Chance to visit places of worship. Gains possible from siblings. Students will have increased self-confidence and enthusiasm.


Acharya Shajeev is an astrologer who is well-known in the Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. He comes from a family of renowned astrologers and has added to his immense hereditary knowledge through a Diploma in Astrology from the famous Madurai Kamraj University. He has close to 25 years of experience in the field of astrology and has consulted over 150,000 persons either directly or indirectly (through phone or email).

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