Predictions for Zodiac Signs from May 1-31, 2017

ARIES:Meda Raashi

(Aswini, Bharani, Krittika ¼)

Unexpected cash inflow likely. Will strive to improve relationship with siblings. Likely to renovate place of residence. Progress expected in education of children; better chances of higher education for them. You might try to alienate yourselves from spiritual matters. Health issues, for which you were undergoing treatment, are likely to get resolved. Employment front better for spouse, with chances of either a promotion or transfer to a favorable location. Expenses will be incurred on luxury items.

TAURUS: Idava Raashi

(Krittika ¾ , Rohini, Mrigaseera ½ )

 Improved chances for receiving governmental aids, which are due to you, that were blocked due to some reason or the other. Unexpected money loss is on the cards. It is possible to get gains from siblings. Matters under court jurisdiction are likely to get settled in your favor. There are chances of improving relationships with people who were unfriendly in the past. Spouse is expected to enjoy good health and well being. Prone to sufferings caused by the deeds of parents or ancestors. Difficulties may enhance in career-related matters.

 GEMINI: Midhuna Raashi

(Mrigaseera ½ , Arudhra, Punarvasu ¾ )

You are likely to take up more responsibilities in family matters. Previously decided marriage proposals might get cancelled. Can expect unfavorable experiences from your father. Time is ripe for those trying for new jobs. Improved chances of promotion or increase in popularity in your career. Good time to expect more financial gains. Business personnel might face circumstances to undertake long travels. Favorable conditions can be expected from spouse’s family. Likely to spend money on home redecoration. Mental agony probable on account of siblings.

CANCER: Karkkidaka Raashi

(Punarvasu ¼, Pushyami, Aslesha)

Your home will most probably witness happy and enjoyable events, on account of friends. Take care not to create enemies due to inconsiderate usage of words. Unnecessary meddling in family affairs can lead to unpleasant situations. Beneficial experiences likely from mother or persons in mother’s position. Best time for constructing or buying new home. You may try to exchange old vehicles for new. There are chances to unite with children who were estranged from you. Bodily discomforts are likely to increase. Quarrel with spouse quite possible. Adverse circumstances could get created in the job front.

LEO: Chinga Raashi

(Makha, Purva Phalguni, Uthra ¼ )

You might end up spending a lot for good causes. Family life likely to be peaceful. Those in business involving vehicles can expect gains. Offspring can cause mental discomfort. Ailments under treatment are liable to get cured. You will, most probably, try to garner more knowledge about spiritual matters. Those looking for job opportunities will have chances of entering new jobs. Obstructions possible in marriage related affairs. Those doing businesses can expect considerable financial gains. Likely to enter into conflicts with siblings.

VIRGO: Kanni Raashi

(Uthra ¾ , Hastha, Chithra ½ )

You can expect enhancement in divine grace and your home is likely to witness auspicious events. Those who are born in this raashi are prone to financial losses this month. Estranged couples are likely to get united. Adversaries can disrupt peace of mind. Opportunities galore for those in the field of action. Impediments to marriage are likely to get removed. You can expect gains from speculative deals. Long distance travel is on the cards. Astonishing feat is to be expected in spiritual affairs.

LIBRA: Thula Raashi

(Chithra ½ , Swathi, Vishakha ¾ )

Likely to experience contentment in familial relations. Favorable time for buying new home. Those born in this raashi are expected to undertake foreign trips this month. Matters under court jurisdiction are likely to get settled in your favor. Physical ailments can get aggravated. Promotions or favorable transfers are likely in your career. Can expect smoother cash flows than before. Mental turmoil due to children, prone to aggravate. Those who want to visit pilgrim centers can face hurdles. Agricultural income is likely to increase.

SCORPION: Vrishchika Raashi

(Vishakha ¼ , Anuradha, Jyeshta)

Unnecessary expenditure prone to increase this month. Likely to face unexpected disturbances in family matters. Children will remain sources of happiness. Time is favorable for those who are employed abroad. Improved chances of entering into new contracts or businesses. Trouble for vehicles likely. Financial troubles liable to aggravate. Might have opportunities to renovate old home. Encouraging times for those in the political sector.

SAGITTARIUS: Dhanur Raashi

(Moola, Purva Ashada, Uthara Ashada ¼)

Liable to experience unexpected mental agony. You can look forward to undertaking international travels. Unforeseen expenses likely from job sector. Those employed can expect unfavorable transfers or position changes. Unnecessary expenses for home redecoration probable. Children will have opportunities for higher education. You are likely to lose peace of mind due to the action of adversaries. Increased possibility of entering into new personal relationships or marriages. Hospitalization might become necessary.

CAPRICON:  Makara Raashi

(Uthara Ashada ¾ , Sharvana, Dhanishta ½ )

Likely to enter into new contracts. Those employed abroad might end up investing considerable amount of money in business. Situations which force you to stay away from home could arise. You can expect assistance and gains from siblings. Be cautious of road accidents while on travel. Health could take a toll. Financial gains very much likely. Superior officers might become unsatisfied with your performance. Increased likelihood of acquiring ancestral property.

AQUARIUS:  Kumbha Raashi

(Dhanishta ½, Sathabish, Purva Bhadrapada ¾ )

You are likely to profit more from land transactions. Improvement in job prospects probable. Favorable circumstances for those employed. Liable to lose interest in spiritual matters. Physical as well as mental discomforts likely to aggravate. Impediments to marriage can be expected. Liable to incur unforeseen expenses. Can expect increased assistance from friends. Increased chances of getting lauded by general public. Might have to spend more money for children’s higher education. Travel to tourist destinations likely.

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