Traditionally, the exhibition took place within the Russian Healthcare Week

“APTEKA” exhibition has obtained the status of UFI Approved Event, and is held under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. “APTEKA” has been actively supported by the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing, Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains, and the Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organizations.

Despite the difficult situation in the market, more than 180 companies from 17 countries participated at the exhibition, including UK, Vietnam, Germany, Egypt, Israel, India, Jordan, Spain, Kazakhstan, China, Bangladesh, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Croatia.

The Forum presented the traditional treatment methods of India, China, Korea and Russia. The Forum’s programme included a round table on “Legal aspects and state policy achievements in application of traditional medicine in healthcare”.

AYUSH Ministry, “Kerala” Ayurveda and Yoga Centre, “Atreya-Ayurveda” Centre presented exciting ayurvedic expositions within the Forum.

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